Day: July 6, 2017

Food Scouts Blog Review of Thali Indian Restaurant in Barcelona.

#ScoutsView Eating Out Review – Thali Indian Restaurant Barcelona

We’re both pretty decent cooks (especially Miz) so it’s not often that we choose to eat somewhere else other than home or an affordable food truck market. It’s a lot of money to spend when often you realise that you could have made something way tastier at home for half the money, so when we […]

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Beerwatch Video Review of Les Clandestines Farigola Spice Ale Craft Beer from Barcelona

#Beerwatch Food Scouts Craft Beer Reviews – FARIGOLA by Les Clandestines

Reviewing a Spice Ale is exciting enough as it is, but when the company is based in Catalunya it makes it all the more exciting. Local Brewery making a kick ass beer. Watch the full review below and make sure to let us know what you think! If you have a beer you think I […]

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