Day: July 9, 2017

Scouts Day Out Night Mix Eat Street Street Food Market in Barcelona. Review and Photos by Food Scouts.

#ScoutsDayOut – Eat Street Night Mix Street Food Market, Barcelona

Going to a street food festival is already a treat, but when it’s walking distance from your house it becomes freaking unmissable! You mean I can eat and drink to my heart’s content, dance until 3am and then stumble home? HELL YES YOU CAN! At least if Eat Street and their Night Mix Street Food […]

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Beerwatch Mimi Pinson Social Club Rye Grisette Saison Craft Beer Review by Food Scouts Barcelona

#BeerWatch Food Scouts Craft Beer Review – Zula Brewing Mimi Pinson Social Club Saison

Sorry you don’t get to see Miz talk shit this time. This time, you get me talking shit via the traditional method of the written word. I can’t promise it’ll be as entertaining or as knowledgeable as Miz’s #Beerwatch videos, but I’ll try my best. This week we popped to Olgod to check out Zula […]

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ScoutsView a Food Truck Review by Food Scouts of The Big Whim Street Food in Barcelona

#ScoutsView Food Truck Review – The Big Whim, Barcelona

So, if you read our post on La Fira Poblenou’s beer festival, you’ll know that we grabbed some pretty tasty grub from two of the food trucks present. There wasn’t much variety in terms of types of food but luckily we fancied burgers and there were many awesome looking burger and sandwich offerings. Everything looked […]

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