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Dead Chef Episode 3 Dark Comedy Screenplay by Misael Trujillo of Food Scouts

DEAD CHEF – EPISODE 3 “Ain’t no use in complainin’ when you’ve got a job to do”

  EXT: UNFINISHED BUSINESS TAKEAWAY SHOP. MID-DAY A  THICK GREEN MIST COVERS EVERYTHING and a TWO-HEADED RAT gasps for air. HALF A DOG lays passed out next to the HUGE CAT that had been previously chasing it. If you listen closely enough, you can hear the LOCAL COCKROACH infestation coughing themselves to death. SPOOKY PIANO […]

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The Ultimate Food Scouts Guide to Barcelona: 18th – 24th September 2017

Visiting Barcelona this week? Here’s some alternative ideas of things to do and see whilst in this city between 18th – 24th September 2017. Check back every week for another weekly guide to food and drink activities in the city. TUESDAY 19th September Become a sushi master with ComerJapones‘ intermediate Sushi Masterclass at Miele (29 Via Augusta).  However, […]

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Dead Chef 2 - Pizza Hand - Design by Lee O'connor

DEAD CHEF – EPISODE 2 “There are some real sickos round these parts”

EXT: UNFINISHED BUSINESS TAKEAWAY SHOP. EARLY MORNING A SCRAWNY SHADOW walks into shot, kicks a TWO HEADED RAT off a NEWSPAPER, picks the newspaper up and walks out of shot. A NEWLY REFURBISHED ‘Unfinished Business’ sign glints in the early morning sun, the only remotely clean thing in sight. HALF A DOG runs away from A […]

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Barcelona Events Guide 11th September - 17th September

The Ultimate Food Scouts Guide to Barcelona 11th September – 17th September 2017

Visiting Barcelona this week? We have some tips for you! Whether you fancy a craft beer launch or a vintage shopping market, we have a whole bunch of tasty suggestions. If you’re looking for a Barcelona bar or restaurant reviews, we have plenty more recommendations on our blog. We publish a new weekly guide every […]

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Craft Beer Recommendations for Cocktail & Wine Drinkers by Jayne Robinson of Food Scouts

#Beerwatch Guide: Craft Beer for Non-Beer Fans to Try…

Do you think that you don’t like craft beer? Well, maybe you’ve just not found the right one for you yet. Food Scouts Jayne here, I’m personally fairly new to the craft beer fandom, over the past 4 years my interest in beer has gradually increased thanks to the beer geekdom of friend and ex-craft […]

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#RainbowProject17 International Rainbow Project by Craft Beer Brewers

#Beerwatch News: #RainbowProject2017 by Siren Craft Beer, Magic Rock & More…

We spotted a new beer announcement from Magic Rock and Casita Brews today on Instagram that piqued our interest; a chilli, hibiscus, lime gose with a bright red and black graphic can. Upon further investigation, we found out that this cool ass can is part of the Rainbow Project 2017. Rainbow Project is a collaborative […]

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The Ultimate Food Scouts Guide to Barcelona 4th September – 10th September 2017

MONDAY 4th September 2017 Apparently, everyone’s too down about Game of Thrones being over to be hosting anything super cool tonight. So, we’d recommend a chilled night at CocoVail BeerHall (284 Carrer D’Aragó) for their Monday night 50 cents Chicken Wings offer from 7-10pm and their awesome selection of craft beer. Plus, their playlist is […]

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The Ultimate Food Scouts Guide to Barcelona: 28th August – 3rd September

MONDAY 28th August 2017 It’s Monday night and it’s time to watch the Game of Thrones finale, if you haven’t already seen it or already had it ruined for you, you can head to Irish Bar, Shenanigans (11 Carrer Marqués de Barberá) to watch it on the big screen whilst eating pies. Whiskey, soda, pizza and […]

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#Spoonfed – Lazy guide to your Food & Drink YouTube viewing pleasure.

We know you LIKE being inspired, but who has the time to find inspiration these days right? We’re the overworked, underpaid, over partied & under slept generation. Most of the time we’re too hungover to flick the channel, let alone search the depths of YouTube for something to inspire us to get off our lazy […]

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Guide to Barcelona, the weekly guide by Food Scouts for alternative things to do in Barcelona

The Ultimate Food Scouts Guide to Barcelona: 21st August – 27th August 2017

MONDAY 21st August Our pals at sock company, AparTTogether are having a party today to launch their latest collaboration with STARZ, head to the awesome Montana Cafe & Restaurant (Comerç nº 4) from 7pm for music, special offers on the new socks and other tasty treats. If you’ve ever dreamed of watching Star Wars’ Rogue […]

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