#Beerwatch Craft Beer Review – La Vikinga Mead by Hidromiel

Ever since playing The Settlers on the PC when I was a kid, I’ve been intrigued by the concept of mead, a honey based beverage made popular by the Vikings. It’s not something you come across very often, sometimes it’s in the gift shops in historical landmarks or museums but other than that it’s pretty scarce. We first tried mead last year at the Mikkeller bar in Barcelona who were serving the War Pigs incarnation of the drink and we loved it. It’s believed that Mead is 8000 years old and originally comes from the Ancient Greeks, but right now you can find it rearing it’s head as a spin-off of the craft beer trend. Luckily for us, this mead by Hidromiel is pretty easy to come back in Barcelona.

Not the most exciting bottle, but I do dig the effort to give the label a rustic, Game of Thrones vibes which totally suits the Viking aesthetic so naturally. This time we found this beauty in nearby BeerShooters at Mercat Nou, but we’ve also purchased it from CarreFour supermarkets too. If you give it a Google, you’ll find a few other places to pick it up too.

First off, this 6.5% beauty is not like a beer at all. It’s more closely described as being similar to a Cava, Champagne or sparkling fruit drink. Even the colour and the carbonation could easily be mistaken for an expensive bubbly. The taste is sweet as you’d expect from a honey drink and it’s so delicious! This would be a great alternative to beer for someone new to the craft beer concept or a quirky alternative to Cava for a special occasion. Some cultures see this as a type of wine, others a type of beer so we’ll leave it open to interpretation here, although the flavour definitely has more wine like characteristics to us.

Another bonus of this delicious brew is that it’s naturally gluten free, so an awesome discovery for anyone who is sensitive or intolerant to gluten and may not otherwise be able to easily indulge in the wonderful world of craft beer. Although, we are seeing new gluten free beers popping up more often now. This is a super delicious drink, very easy to enjoy and would work well as a session drink. Although, at 6.5% it may be easy to get carried away as it really doesn’t taste like alcohol. Hidromiel La Vikinga gets a big thumbs up from us and is definitely on our shopping list as a lighter alternative to certain types of beer.

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