#BeerWatch Food Scouts Craft Beer Review – Zula Brewing Mimi Pinson Social Club Saison

Sorry you don’t get to see Miz talk shit this time. This time, you get me talking shit via the traditional method of the written word. I can’t promise it’ll be as entertaining or as knowledgeable as Miz’s #Beerwatch videos, but I’ll try my best.

This week we popped to Olgod to check out Zula Brewing and the opening night of their new brew, Mimi Pinson Social Club. Zula Brewing are a collective of brewers who started brewing together in 2014, the four Turkish immigrants bumped into each other in Barcelona and have been creating craft beer ever since. You can find all the Zula Brewing brews in Olgod in El Raval or check their site to find out who else is serving their creations.

So, to the newbie on the block, Mimi Pinson Social Club! Here’s the labelling so you can see how this one is being sold. I love the illustrated art work, a good bottle design always gets my attention. This brew is a Rye Grisette, something that I’m not familiar with myself, but I’ve learnt that they are closely related to my beloved saisons, except a grisette will have more malt flavours.

Calling upon the brewing collective’s Turkish routes, they’ve also chosen to use a dried reyhan, a purple basil variety that is common in Turkey. As you can see from the snap the beer is a golden orange colour which makes total sense when you drink it, it has a juicy flavour with fine bubbles, it’s fresh and light texture is an easy drink. Unlike a traditional saison where the fruit notes are more noticeable you’ll enjoy some nice herbal notes to this one.

This was a very drinkable beer with a pleasant texture, aroma and flavour, it’s not hitting my top 5 at the moment, but I’m really not complaining. If you want to check out something a bit different and support a small local business, you should definitely check out what Zula Brewing has to offer. I promise you can have Miz’s charming face back for the next #Beerwatch review, coming super soon!

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