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We spotted a new beer announcement from Magic Rock and Casita Brews today on Instagram that piqued our interest; a chilli, hibiscus, lime gose with a bright red and black graphic can. Upon further investigation, we found out that this cool ass can is part of the Rainbow Project 2017. Rainbow Project is a collaborative creation brought to us by Siren Craft Beer and friends; started in 2013, UK breweries are paired up with some of the best small names in craft beer internationally, allocated them a colour of the rainbow and sent them off to make awesome shit happen. This is by far one of the coolest ideas we’ve heard in a long time. We love craft beer, we love colour, we love design and we love it when brilliant, talented folk collaborate to create something new.


If you want to get your mitts on all seven of these very special brews you can sign up to Honest Brew who will be selling a complete set from 9th September from 12pm. If you’re not speedy enough to grab a box, you can check out these collaborative brews as they hit the road on tour from tomorrow visiting Leeds International Beer Festival and Beavertown Extravaganza, Indy Man Beer Con and Bristol Beer Craft Festival. What a bloody brilliant concept. We seriously dig this. If you’ve got your eye on a particular breweries collaboration, be sure to keep an eye on their social media for news on when and where you can purchase direct from them. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that they somehow make their way into some of Barcelona’s brilliant craft beer shops. Here’s the Siren and Sante Adairius Rustic Ales collab which also sees some Latin influence with the addition of Tequila aged barrels.

At this year’s allocating, they paired up collaborated for 2017 and 2018 with the goal that next year’s collaboration will be barrel aged brews. The collaborating breweries come from the UK and USA this time. Here’s who’s paired up with who and what colours they’ve been allocated:

Magic Rock / Casita Cervecería | 2017 – Red | 2018 – Indigo
Partizan New Belgium | 2017 – Orange | 2018 – Green
Beavertown / Jester King | 2017 – Yellow | 2018 – Blue
Hawkshead / Modern Times | 2017 – Green | 2018 – Yellow
Siren Craft Brew / Sante Adairius | 2017 – Blue | 2018 – Violet
Wild Beer Co / Side Project | 2017 – Indigo | 2018 – Red
Burning Sky / 3 Floyds | 2017 – Violet | 2018 – Orange

We drew the colour blue for this year’s Rainbow Project, and set to work on the challenge, keeping our barrel aged beer in mind for 2018. We decided to go an entirely different route this time out and brew a lager with our new friends at Sante Adairius Rustic Ales. It’s fermented cold and the theme follows through; we added heaps of cryogenically frozen hops! We’ve used an American lager yeast sourced close to Sante Adairius’ home in California. We’ve also taken some Mexican influence, with blue corn tortillas in the mash and blue agave syrup in the boil – which we aged in Tequila barrels beforehand for an extra flourish. We hope you enjoy Santo del Frio – Saint of the Cold! The Rainbow Project launches this weekend, get all the info on our website.

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We’ve shared the Instagram posts above of the two that we could find pictures of using our detective work, but we’re thinking that some of them may stay under-wraps until their premiere at Leeds Beer Fest. Naturally, we haven’t tried any of these beers yet and didn’t catch any previous year’s, so any comments on how they actually taste will have to come in the future. If you like keeping your eyes out for awesome craft beers as much as we do, you might dig our new Beerwatch Classic T-Shirt which is currently only €12 and the money helps fund the free content that you’re reading now and more kick-ass stuff to come.

If you spot something else awesome that you think we should know about, you know where we’re at. Sharing is caring. Now time for a beer.

Food Scouts.

EDITED: We’re updating this as we know more as we’ve seen a lot of people asking questions. We weren’t paid by anyone to write this article, we wrote it because we thought it was interesting and worth sharing. 

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