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Dead Chef Episode 3 Dark Comedy Screenplay by Misael Trujillo of Food Scouts

DEAD CHEF – EPISODE 3 “Ain’t no use in complainin’ when you’ve got a job to do”

  EXT: UNFINISHED BUSINESS TAKEAWAY SHOP. MID-DAY A  THICK GREEN MIST COVERS EVERYTHING and a TWO-HEADED RAT gasps for air. HALF A DOG lays passed out next to the HUGE CAT that had been previously chasing it. If you listen closely enough, you can hear the LOCAL COCKROACH infestation coughing themselves to death. SPOOKY PIANO […]

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Dead Chef 2 - Pizza Hand - Design by Lee O'connor

DEAD CHEF – EPISODE 2 “There are some real sickos round these parts”

EXT: UNFINISHED BUSINESS TAKEAWAY SHOP. EARLY MORNING A SCRAWNY SHADOW walks into shot, kicks a TWO HEADED RAT off a NEWSPAPER, picks the newspaper up and walks out of shot. A NEWLY REFURBISHED ‘Unfinished Business’ sign glints in the early morning sun, the only remotely clean thing in sight. HALF A DOG runs away from A […]

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Dead Chef Teaser Image of Eye Ball Design Coming Soon from Food Scouts

Dead Chef – Episode 1 “The Pilot”

Welcome Internet traveller, well done for digging further into this grave, you have stumbled across: DEAD CHEFS – COMING SOON EPISODE 1 Written by Misael Trujillo EXT: UNFINISHED BUSINESS TAKEAWAY SHOP. MORNING GARBAGE rolls across more GARBAGE.There might be a FLOOR under it. A RAT chases A CAT and A COCKROACH chases the RAT. BROKEN […]

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