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#ScoutsView SPICE CAFE Video Review – Best Carrot Cake In Barcelona?

It’s a quest of sorts, a quest for the best cake in Barcelona and number one on our list is currently Spice Cafe with their amazing Carrot Cake. You can check them out here! Make sure to subscribe, let us know what you think and recommend anything you think we might dig, or don’t, up […]

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#ScoutsView Tea Love Review – Bebe-Té Barcelona Herbal Night Infusion Tea

We love tea, we especially love sleepy tea, it’s been part of our daily routine for a very long time and if you haven’t discovered the wonders of the right kind of tea before bed just yet, you gotta do it. Even Scott Pilgrim knows the wonders of sleepy tea. We discovered Barcelona’s Bebe-Té, whilst researching […]

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