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Food Scouts Review of Asian Ways Dim Sum and Japanese Restaurant in Barcelona

#ScoutsView Eating Out Review – Asian Ways, Barcelona

Our current food weakness is Asian food, especially when it comes to Japanese food or whenever there is dim sum or gyozas involved. Those little parcels of joy just hit the spot when you want something warm, comforting and delicious. Luckily for us, Barcelona also digs these vibes too so we’re quickly seeing how spoilt […]

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#ScoutsView Eating Out – Pizza Market Sants Food, Barcelona

I don’t even want to think about how many pizzas we’ve consumed in our lifetime, particularly that period of time where money was no object and I was convinced that the only solution to a hangover was to order a large Dominos and sides to eat to myself. I’m pleased to say that my pizza […]

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#ScoutsView Eating Out Review – The Good Burger, Best Affordable Burger in Barcelona?

You can’t often go wrong with burgers, if you’re feeling unimaginative and just want to eat something quick and filling, the humble burger almost always delivers. Generally, us Food Scouts like to support the little brands out there, but sometimes there’s a hole that only fast food can fill and if you’re looking for an […]

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#ScoutsView SPICE CAFE Video Review – Best Carrot Cake In Barcelona?

It’s a quest of sorts, a quest for the best cake in Barcelona and number one on our list is currently Spice Cafe with their amazing Carrot Cake. You can check them out here! Make sure to subscribe, let us know what you think and recommend anything you think we might dig, or don’t, up […]

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#ScoutsView Eating Out Review – El Flako, Barcelona’s First Cereal Cafe in El Born

I’ve been wanting to check out a cereal cafe for aggggeeeesss. I swear it’s not because I’m a hipster, it’s for the colourful, playful nostalgia that comes with cereal packaging and sugar for breakfast. Despite having lived in Shoreditch, London (aka hipster central) I never made it to a cereal cafe in the UK when […]

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#ScoutsView Tea Love Review – Bebe-Té Barcelona Herbal Night Infusion Tea

We love tea, we especially love sleepy tea, it’s been part of our daily routine for a very long time and if you haven’t discovered the wonders of the right kind of tea before bed just yet, you gotta do it. Even Scott Pilgrim knows the wonders of sleepy tea. We discovered Barcelona’s Bebe-Té, whilst researching […]

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#ScoutsView Drinking Out Review – Olgod Craft Beer Pub ft. Fuerst Wiacek & Zula Brewing Collective

Heading out and finding new craft beer pubs is one of my favourite things to do, does that make me sound incredibly lame? Oh well, who gives a shit! When Olgod popped up on our “Ultimate Guide To Barcelona” we knew we had to check it out, 30 Craft Beers on tap is nothing to be overlooked, […]

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ScoutsView a Food Truck Review Fuxiabarcelona at La Fira del Poblenou Craft Beer Festival by Food Scouts

#ScoutsView Food Truck Review – Fuxiabarcelona

When you’re surrounded by yummy looking street food, sometimes you just have to take a gamble, I based my entire decision on the fact that Fuxiabarcelona was A.) A BRIGHT AS FUCK FOOD TRUCK & B.) had my all time favourite ingredient, the humble but mighty, avocado, on their menu. And so, a few beers […]

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ScoutsView a Food Truck Review by Food Scouts of The Big Whim Street Food in Barcelona

#ScoutsView Food Truck Review – The Big Whim, Barcelona

So, if you read our post on La Fira Poblenou’s beer festival, you’ll know that we grabbed some pretty tasty grub from two of the food trucks present. There wasn’t much variety in terms of types of food but luckily we fancied burgers and there were many awesome looking burger and sandwich offerings. Everything looked […]

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Food Scouts Blog Review of Thali Indian Restaurant in Barcelona.

#ScoutsView Eating Out Review – Thali Indian Restaurant Barcelona

We’re both pretty decent cooks (especially Miz) so it’s not often that we choose to eat somewhere else other than home or an affordable food truck market. It’s a lot of money to spend when often you realise that you could have made something way tastier at home for half the money, so when we […]

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