Food Scouts Ultimate ‘Lazy’ Guide to Barcelona: Best Craft Beer & Best Food in one place.

We like to drink craft beer and we like to eat good food, I think that’s blatantly obvious by now! Ideally, we want to do both at once, because we’re lazy f***kers who can’t really be bothered to move location once we’re comfy and because it’s generally hot outside in Barcelona and who wants to walk around in a busy city when you’ve already seen all the sights and it’s crowded as fuck? We want good food and preferably even better beer and we want it now, so on that note, here are our favourite places in Barcelona to eat and drink simultaneously (try with caution, may cause suffocation).

Naparbier ( 223 Carrer de la Diputació)
We love this brewery, they do banging beer, really fucking awesome beer, in fact, we’re probably heading there this week to try out some of their delicious new concoctions because yes they’re really that fucking cool. However, it makes it all the more exciting when their food is freaking awesome too, I mean all kinds of insanely good. Bit pricey, but that’s only because we’re a tad skint from drinking all the beer and eating all the food, it’s 100% worth it, especially if your willing to shell out over a fiver on a bowl of cereal at other places. They have pizza, they have burgers, they also have crazy posh and yummy sounding things, the choice is limitless (not really, I mean honestly, it’s a menu, what do you expect?) they also do banging tapas. If you are a true foodie and craft beer lover, do not miss this place, don’t, please, or you will kick yourself later (unless you just decide to grab a cheap flight and come back, that’s if Brexit doesn’t fuck that up too for you UK readers!).  Walking distance from Universitat ( 223 Carrer de la Diputació), it means you can pretty much get anywhere central within a 30-minute walk if you’re not too tipsy that is.

Coco-Vail (284 Carrer d’Aragó) 
There are a few types of food that jump to mind as optimum beer drinking munchable, one of these for me personally are chicken wings, the spicier the better, the messier the better, the better the beer … well, the better! Coco-Vail delivers on all accounts, great chicken wings, great beer and great offers on different days of the week. This is a place I will continue to go back to, it’s kind of made for me, I mean come on good food AND 24 craft beers on tap! If chicken wings aren’t your thing, their menu has a shit load of other stuff on it too, including burgers, sandwiches and coco pokes, whatever they are! If this sounds like your cup of beer, then head just up from Placa Catalunya (284 Carrer d’Aragó) and thank us afterwards.

Cat Bar (17 Carrer de la Bòria)
I have a lot of vegan friends and when they come and visit I like to take them to eat at places they will have plenty of choices and really love, yes, I want to be as supportive as possible, but ideally, I also want to drink great beer. Cat Bar have me and my friends covered. Great vegan burgers and even better (in my non-vegan and thus not really worthy opinion) vegan craft beers. Also in a great location if you’ve been stomping from Ramblas towards Arc De Triomf (17 Carrer de la Bòria) showing your friends all the sights and need a beer break! Be forewarned, we tend to find their opening times a tad odd, so you may want to make sure they are open online before heading over! Oh and if you didn’t realise already, it’s cat themed too.

Mosquito / Red Ant / Grasshopper (El Born Area)
Three of the best restaurants for combining food and beer, but as they’re all owned by the same people, we put them together, otherwise it’s kind of cheating, a bit, not really though because they kinda deserve it. All three do incredible beer, so you are completely covered on that account, both bottles and choice on draft, you will leave tipsy if you so choose. On the food side of things, it really depends what you fancy on the day, Ramen your food of choice? Head down to Grasshopper which is near Jaume 1 (9 Placa De La Llana) and enjoy their affordable, delicious ramen along with their exclusive BeerCat Tap Room.


If your more in the mood for Asian Noodles and Curry along with a touch of craft beer drunkenness, then Red Ant is for you. Situated near Arc De Triomphe (3-5 C. Tiradors) it means you can grab great food and then go see a bunch of really cool sights or check out a bunch of awesome comic book stores. We’re yet to try this one, but we’ve heard great things and we’re desperate to give them a try.

Our most visited restaurant by this lovely team is Mosquito, Asian inspired tapas and craft beer obviously caught our eye as soon as we settled in Barcelona. They are super affordable and it’s a cosy space. If you love dim sum or are eating out as a group then this is definitely for you. Also situated near Arc De Triomf (46 C. Carders) so you are sorted for doing a bunch of touristy stuff afterwards if you so wish!

Chivous’s (Barcelona Chain)
Burger and Beer. It kind of belongs together. Which is why it’s no surprise that this place caught our eye, we’ll be honest though, we didn’t try the food, our friends did though and they enjoyed it! The beer is spot on though, we can guarantee that, so if you try the food, maybe let us know how it is? Barcelona has so many good Burger places that it’s hard to get through them all, but this place is in a really handy location in Raval (15 C. Del Pintor Fortuny) and is generally a bit quieter than some of the other places that are a tad more central. They also have branches in Eixample (204 C. De Valencia) and Gracia (175 C. Del Torrent De L’Olla).

Ale & Hop (10 Carrer de les Basses de Sant Per)
We’ve not actually visited this place yet, but we really want to! Thanks to Chloe from By the Lock Handmade for the tip! Another great option for when we have veggie and vegan friends stay! We’ve heard the food is amazing, they do vegetarian and vegan burgers and flat-breads that also look delicious. On top of all that, they have 10 taps of craft beer from around the world. I can get behind that, under that, tipsy on that! Also good for checking out all the comic book shops and a load of cool Barca sights as it’s situated near Arc De Triomf (10 Carrer de les Basses de Sant Per).

Olgod (74 C. Hospital)
We already love this place, we’ve already mentioned them before too, they do amazing craft beer with a whopping shit load of taps and options, plus great atmosphere! They do veggie food options too which is always great! However, they changed everything when they posted a photo of their new sandwich up on social, my favourite kind of sandwich, a mighty marvellous looking Pastrami Sandwich that made my mouth water instantly. I will definitely be getting down and trying this as soon as possible. This is a place to watch, this is a place to love! Great location too in Raval (74 C. Hospital) so you can go shopping afterwards with a full belly and slightly (majorly) tipsy.

pastrami sandwich is now on the menu….come and get it!

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As De Pikas (34 C. De Paris)
This place is rather close to our hearts (and home), it’s out of the way, but if you live over here or if your staying over here to save on accommodation costs (great tip) then it’s a place you should check out, support and will probably love! Incredibly affordable, incredibly delicious burgers and a small but amazing selection of craft beers all at an incredibly affordable price. Independently owned, this is exactly the kind of place we want near our house. They also do veggie & vegan options and seem really passionate about wanting to cater to everyone, which made us love them all the more. If you go to check it out, let us know, we might just meet you for a beer or three! L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (34 C. De Paris).

Right that is it from us for now, if we find somewhere else we think deserves to make the list, we’ll add it on!
Think we missed you out? Oh didums! Just kidding, let us know, we’d love to come check you out (not sexually, we’re talking about food and drink here for fucks sake).

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