#ScoutsDayOut – Eat Street Night Mix Street Food Market, Barcelona

Going to a street food festival is already a treat, but when it’s walking distance from your house it becomes freaking unmissable! You mean I can eat and drink to my heart’s content, dance until 3am and then stumble home?
HELL YES YOU CAN! At least if Eat Street and their Night Mix Street Food Market has anything to do about it.

Out on an industrial estate by Hospitalet De Llobregat and a 15-minute walk from the nearest cash machine (with only one of the vendors taking card), you’re going to want to bring some cash and not do a classic us! Once you’re sorted and back at the festival like market, you’re going to be loving it! There were great tunes, great food and some awesome street vendors too! Props to the lovely couple who sold us an old-school Estrella drinks tray for €3 and to Riff-Raff who had the best collection of records ever for the best prices we’ve seen in ages, they also own a shop in Hospitalet, so we’ll definitely go check it out soon and grab some food nearby! The other things that caught our eye was the graffiti that was going on at the back of the event, really cool to watch and the kids were loving it!

There was a great choice of street food trucks & stalls, everything from fresh mussels to gelato and of course vegan/vegetarian options plus the usual bunch of burgers! However, we were still pretty hungover and shattered from the day before and so decided to choose one thing each and go back home to binge-watch Workaholics and listen to the new Queen & Creedence records I picked up from Riff-Raff, so … on to the food:

“Mixta Reina”  Cachapa with Hot Sauce by La Cachapera

I had no clue what to expect, but the food looked good, it smelt amazing, it had huge queues and it advertised it was gluten free (which is good for my tummy after all the beer it’s been having), so it ticked all the right boxes. I was also pretty excited to try some typical Venezuelan food, so in the queue I went.

I’ve got to say, their staff were super friendly and after a short conversation about how much I loved avocados, obviously, I decided to go for the Mixta Reina, a hand made cheese, chicken and avocado Cachapa with a good dollop of hotsauce on top, take into account I had no idea what a cachapa actually was, all I knew is it looked like a giant soft taco and that the mixture looked like porridge when it went onto the hotplate. I assumed it was maiz flour as it’s incredibly popular in South American cooking and one of my favourite things to use. Bingo, once I got home and Googled the hell out of these things I was proven right. I also found out that on top of being made in Venezuela, they’re also made in Colombia and in my birthplace, The Canaray Islands, seems like it was meant to be!

It was incredible, it tastes like a sweet pancake, but the melted cheese within is the best thing I have ever tasted and the flavour combination with the chicken and avocado made everything utter perfection. At only €5 it was an awesome treat, a weird hybrid that is neither main nor dessert, probably my new favourite thing. Expect to hear the word Cachapa on Food Scouts again soon.

“Smokey Burger” with Bob Marley Sauce by Wilson’s Fumats Burger, €5

It was the smell of this stand that got my attention, that smokey barbecue smell which just reminds you so much of so many barbecue memories, usually involving it taking longer to light the fire than it does to cook the food. I was feeling fussy too, so a simple burger was just what I fancied. Wilson’s Fumat’s burger was interesting because the patty was a blend of beef and pulled pork squished together giving the meat another level of flavour. The patty is the star in this dish which is why they’ve kept the dressings simple with vintage smoked cheddar, lettuce and a choice of sauces, one spicy and one not. The standard menu option comes with caramelised onions but I dropped these because I hate them. For just €5, you can’t really complain except that it was busy and staff looked a bit fed up, despite my shy efforts at speaking in Spanish. But hey, I’m here for the food and I really liked this one for a simple, tasty burger.  I definitely would recommend a patty with added pulled pork as something to try!

We would 100% recommend checking out any event that Eat Street do, they are true masters of the Street Food market and you are sure to try some new yummy goodies. Let us know if you’ve gone to their events before, if you enjoyed this review or if there’s something else we should check out, or, as usual, don’t, we really couldn’t give two flying fudges.

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