#ScoutsView Drinking Out Review – Olgod Craft Beer Pub ft. Fuerst Wiacek & Zula Brewing Collective

Heading out and finding new craft beer pubs is one of my favourite things to do, does that make me sound incredibly lame? Oh well, who gives a shit!

When Olgod popped up on our “Ultimate Guide To Barcelona” we knew we had to check it out, 30 Craft Beers on tap is nothing to be overlooked, so, on down we popped, knowing that Zula Brewery were launching heir new Saison “Mimi Pinson Club” on draft that day made the trip all the more worthwhile.

The bar definitely lived up to our expectations, conveniently placed in the El Raval area of Barcelona, it is super easy to get to from a shit load of stations, meaning that stumbling home shouldn’t be too much of an issue! The 30 Craft beers on tap look impressive and the actual selection of beers is incredibly impressive too. They have obviously gone for very good breweries and an interesting selection of beers to suit everyone.

We’ll review the new Zula Brewing Saison on a separate post as it deserves a proper introduction, but other than that, the first beer that caught my eye was the Exploding Rainbows IPA by Fuerst Wiacek, they’re a Berlin-based gypsy brewer duo and if that description doesn’t grab your attention, then trying this incredible IPA definitely will! At 7% it’s a knockout beauty delivering notes of citrus and passion fruit. This is a brewery I will definitely be keeping an eye on, give me more, give me more!

The bar offers lots of seating choices and is bright enough with the help of a big window that it feels really uplifting inside, we started sat people watching by the window, then once the comfy sofas freed up took them over instead. This is a great space to meet people and a comfortable stop to hang out, along with the selection of beer, this is a sure win! If you’re not drinking they also offer some super refreshing homemade pop, we tried their Raspberry Pop with a half a lime and it’s was ace!

Before heading off into the cool Barcelona evening, I thought I would try out Hoppala, an IPA by the before mentioned Zula Brewing Collective, unfortunately, this one wasn’t as much to my liking, another thumper of a 7% which I’m sure other palates will definitely love, for me personally it reminded me of an “old man ale” I would have got at a pub in St. Albans, again, nothing wrong with that what so ever, I just prefer something with a tad more punch.

We will definitely be back to Olgod regularly, great service, amazing selection of beers and their vegetarian food sounded baaaaanging, recommended 100% if you are in Barcelona and love good/great/fucking amazing beer.

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