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I don’t even want to think about how many pizzas we’ve consumed in our lifetime, particularly that period of time where money was no object and I was convinced that the only solution to a hangover was to order a large Dominos and sides to eat to myself. I’m pleased to say that my pizza tastes have diversified since those days and as a pair we’re always on the look out for the perfect pizza. Since we’ve cut down on eating so much wheat, pizzas have become a treat now, making the need to find the ideal slice even more crucial. We’ve been struggling to find a good pizza takeaway which isn’t a big chain, but Pizza Market Sants may be the one.

We’ve had takeaway delivered to our flat twice from this place and although it was head and shoulders above the competition in terms of the quality of the ingredients used and the choice of toppings, we found that this thin Neopolitan style pizza gets a bit chilly on the journey over, so we were stoked to be able to eat in this time at their very swish looking Sants location. It’s not a restaurant, it’s just a really nice looking takeaway with three tables should you choose to eat in, pretty ideal really.

Since we last ate Pizza Market, they’ve also developed their own craft beer, so naturally we gave this a go. Love the branding, it looks the part but we’d say the taste was pretty average. It still beats a Carlsberg or other mass produced brew that is saturating the markets everywhere, so we’re not going to get mad over one average beer, at least they tried and it’s better than many of the alternatives. Although, perhaps they would fare better by stocking a few local beers instead since there are so many to choose from?

We ordered a classic pizza, the Búfala with rocket, serrano ham and two types of cheese including mozzarella. We think the other cheese is a Buffalo Mozzarella given the pizzas name. At €10.90 it’s very fairly priced for the size, service and quality of ingredients. The menu also features some more experimental flavours at higher price tags too, so there’s a little something for all tastes, although they don’t have any standard vegan options.

The open kitchen was awesome to watch and see the pizza magic unfold before our eyes, Pizza Market is clearly very popular with locals with a bustling team of young staff constantly shipping pizzas to tables and out to mopeds for delivery, it was pretty inspiring to watch. But how was the pizza? Delicious, the ingredients are fresh and good quality on a lovely thin, slightly crisp base. One of the cheeses was a little grainy, so that’s a small complaint, but it could have just been because of the topping choices we made. It wasn’t enough of a problem to stop us sampling Pizza Market again.

Would we recommend this place? Hell yeah! It’s one of the top five pizzas we’ve tried in Barcelona so far, it’s a little bit out of the centre, so not ideal for all types of visitors, but if you happen to be staying/living in the Sants or Hospitalet areas of Barcelona it’s worth ordering in or popping in for a visit. Now, where should we go for pizza next? Send us your suggestions and we’ll tell you more pizza adventures as they unfold.

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