#ScoutsView Eating Out Review – Asian Ways, Barcelona

Our current food weakness is Asian food, especially when it comes to Japanese food or whenever there is dim sum or gyozas involved. Those little parcels of joy just hit the spot when you want something warm, comforting and delicious. Luckily for us, Barcelona also digs these vibes too so we’re quickly seeing how spoilt for choice we are for sampling cuisines from Asia. A few weeks back, we were not very organised and needed some grub in the Poble Sec area of Barcelona, so thought we’d try out Asian Ways (92 Av. del Paraƀlel), a relatively new Asian fusion restaurant serving up dishes from ramen to satay. But should we have strayed from our tried & tested restaurant finding methods?

First off, this is a very attractive looking place in a high traffic spot, so it’s no surprise that their contemporary decor and neon lights caught our attention, especially the neon lights because we have a soft spot for them. So top points for looking appealing, their branding is also pretty spot on with a simplified pop-art/comic book vibe when it comes to their menus and accompanying bits and bobs.

We were lured in also, by the fact that they had dim sum on their specials blackboard and we arrived just in time to pick up the last four buns in this slightly random selection that we’re still not 100% sure what they all were. Anyway, they looked the part and were presented the part but did not hit the spot 100% in terms of flavour. Sad times. We have set the bar high here though as we do love dim sum and have tried a lot. It was fine, but not something we’d order again from this place.

In contrast, their Chicken Satay with rice was excellent. Perfectly cooked so it’s still moist and that creamy, peanut butter based sauce that you just can’t hate on. Yum. Lovely presentation too on a bed of rice, a perfect Asian inspired tapas. We would definitely eat this here again.

Gyozas are always on our order when they’re available, so naturally we went for these little cuties. Points for being creative with the shape and for the presenting a portion that’s perfect for sharing. These were crunchy on the bottom with a yummy filling, made better with a soy sauce dipping. Again, nothing ground-breaking but good.

Ramen! Obviously, we can’t miss out on sampling someone else’s ramen, we love comparing recipes to our own and seeing how we match up to places that are claiming to be authentic. The ramen at Asian Ways totally looks the part, the bowl and spoon combo really add to the authentic look which gets you excited about stuffing your face. This was a nice enough bowl, with a nice variety of accompaniment, although we would personally have like an whole egg and not just half. We think ours is better but for a ramen newbie or if it’s the nearest ramen option, it’s good.

Would we go to Asian Ways again? Maybe. We don’t like giving places only once chance, unless it’s totally 100% shit. This was OK, there are better Asian restaurants to visit first, but it you want somewhere pleasant to sit in and in a useful location, why not? It’s certainly a very tourist friendly spot.

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