#ScoutsView Eating Out Review – El Flako, Barcelona’s First Cereal Cafe in El Born

I’ve been wanting to check out a cereal cafe for aggggeeeesss. I swear it’s not because I’m a hipster, it’s for the colourful, playful nostalgia that comes with cereal packaging and sugar for breakfast. Despite having lived in Shoreditch, London (aka hipster central) I never made it to a cereal cafe in the UK when they started popping up, so was pretty stoked to stumble upon El Flako in Barcelona’s El Born area.

It’s not cheap, but it’s a worthy treat once in a while and boy is it photogenic. I need to go back because I want to take more photos. From the walls of colourful cereal boxes from around the world to the cacti and succulents in ceramic pots labelled with names of rock stars from the 60s-70s, it’s just too damn cute. The menu reads like a cocktail menu with a selection of pre-designed cereal cocktails and other sugary breakfasty treats like milkshakes and various homemade cakes, which class as breakfast when you’re in mainland Europe, just so you know.

I tried the Cinnamon Girl cereal cocktail which was Curiously Cinnamon (better known as Cinnamon Grahams), Apple Jacks, chopped apples and honey with almond milk. Look at how Instagram friendly that is, naturally this place is very popular with blogger types and Topshop styled girls tied to their phones. This was expensive for what it was, but it was delicious and the presentation pretty nice.

In addition to the set menu, you can also create any combination you want from the vast choices of cereals, toppings and milk. You can even have coloured or flavoured milk and toppings like marshmallows and sprinkles. That’s what Miz did, with this balanced breakfast of Lucky Charms and Reese’s Peanut Butter cereal.

Mega. El Flako offers you a wide variety of combinations depending on your budget and how health conscious you’re feeling on the day, this was awesome to see. But, at the end of the day your bowl of cereal is going to cost you more than an entire box of cereal in some cases, so it’s not necessarily going to be daily breakfast for many. However, if you’re looking for a cute, fun place to pop in whilst exploring the kick ass El Born district of the city, why not? It’s a great treat.

Food Scouts.

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