#ScoutsView Eating Out Review – The Good Burger, Best Affordable Burger in Barcelona?

You can’t often go wrong with burgers, if you’re feeling unimaginative and just want to eat something quick and filling, the humble burger almost always delivers. Generally, us Food Scouts like to support the little brands out there, but sometimes there’s a hole that only fast food can fill and if you’re looking for an alternative to a guilty McDonald’s pleasure or Burger King fix, we think we’ve found the perfect option! Here’s The Good Burger…

Spanish owned franchise, The Good Burger presents a totally fresh look to an affordable fast food restaurant which is awesome to see. The decor is clean and modern, inspired by a trendy New York vibe, so it feels more like visiting a restaurant than a primary coloured creche for ice cream eating children. The branding and style very much reminds me of American chain, Shake Shack but with a hint of Scandinavian hipster chic.

The best bit is the price, you can get a really substantial burger for €4.50, plus there’s decent beer on tap and in frosty cold glasses. So basically, a deluxe Burger King. In addition to the classic beef burger, they also serve chicken burgers, hot dogs and a selection of sides from nachos to chicken wings. If you’re on a even tighter budget, you can get 2 for 1 burgers on Thursdays and they rotate other great deals too.

Look at how awesome that looks?! Everything about this set up is appealing, everything has been made to order and the presentation is slick, reminding you that fast food doesn’t have to look like crap. I’ve tried both their chicken burgers, one is a grilled chicken breast with bacon and the one pictured here is TGB’s crunchy chicken option, putting the Long Chicken and McChicken Sandwich to mega shame. In addition, the bun is lovely and soft, with the fun addition of the logo brand on the top and the salad is crunchy and fresh, the sort of salad that makes eating rabbit food a proper joy.

Miz kept things classy with the signature beef burger and that massive glass of beer that you can spy above. He was equally impressed, especially given the low price tag.

Could this be Barcelona’s tastiest fast food burger? If there are no food trucks around, we’d recommend you check out this place, tasty, satisfying food for less than a tenner.

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