#ScoutsView Food Truck Review – Fuxiabarcelona

When you’re surrounded by yummy looking street food, sometimes you just have to take a gamble, I based my entire decision on the fact that Fuxiabarcelona was A.) A BRIGHT AS FUCK FOOD TRUCK & B.) had my all time favourite ingredient, the humble but mighty, avocado, on their menu.

And so, a few beers in and hungry as hell, I eagerly waited for my “Chicken Ollie”, a chicken, tomato, avocado, lettuce and mayonnaise burger. I’ve been avoiding bread like the plague recently as it does my tummy no good, but I can deal with it every once in a while and this was set to be the treat of all treats!

I needn’t have worried, the bread was the lightest thing I have ever tried, absolute perfection with the tastiest and juiciest chicken I have ever tried in a sandwich. The salad was fresh, the mayonnaise raised everything to a completely new level of tastiness and of course, let’s not forget that avocado which made the whole thing just that much better (which is a feat in itself).

Would I go back to this bright pink street food vendor? Hell yes I would and you should too if you get the chance!

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