#ScoutsView Food Truck Review – The Big Whim, Barcelona

So, if you read our post on La Fira Poblenou’s beer festival, you’ll know that we grabbed some pretty tasty grub from two of the food trucks present. There wasn’t much variety in terms of types of food but luckily we fancied burgers and there were many awesome looking burger and sandwich offerings. Everything looked awesome, but I personally fell for the charm of this cute converted caravan, The Big Whim who also luckily took card payments. If you can take card payments at food or beer festivals then you are winning, especially when the nearest cash machine is nearly twenty minutes walk away. Anyway, enough complaining, let’s get to the food!

The Big Whim had four different burgers on offer, including on beef sandwich which featured meat that had been marinated in La Pirata beer, one of the craft beer brands exhibiting on the beer festival. This is a smart idea! We like seeing two awesome local brands collaborating to make something a little bit extra special for the occasion. Being a bit beered out and with a personal aversion to cooked onions (the other main ingredient on this special option) I decided to keep things a bit more traditional with their Burger Kikos.

The pair manning The Big Whim were super lovely too and very welcoming of our slightly annoying photos, so thank you for that. I hope you like the pictures as much as we do. So Burger Kikos is a slim burger patty served on a bun with rocket, sliced tomato, honey mustard mayo, brie cheese and some weird yellow crunchy things that I should really have asked what they were, let’s get something nut related.

For just €6 you’re getting a made to order burger with some super fresh ingredients and flavours that beat many burger chains, lovingly prepared by people who care about what they’re producing. This was such a delicious burger after a few quirky craft beer options. Fresh, juicy and not too heavy. The perfect balance of veg to meat to sauce and those mystery crunchy bits and fluffy bun really topped off my ideal food truck burger.

I love burgers, but it’s always such a pain to eat when you’re out and about and perched on a bench so I’m also happy to report that The Big Whim burger is not only delicious, but composed in a way that you won’t be leaving lunch with a splat of sauce or a sad face because you lost half your salad to the floor. If you spot The Big Whim at one of many Barcelona food truck events, definitely go and say hello and grab some grub.

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