#ScoutsView Tea Love Review – Bebe-Té Barcelona Herbal Night Infusion Tea

We love tea, we especially love sleepy tea, it’s been part of our daily routine for a very long time and if you haven’t discovered the wonders of the right kind of tea before bed just yet, you gotta do it. Even Scott Pilgrim knows the wonders of sleepy tea. We discovered Barcelona’s Bebe-Té, whilst researching food related events to feature in our guide and we’re mighty glad that we did.

Bebe-Té is an online shop and a physical store with small events space near Poblesec, an area of the city that we visit regularly, so it’s super handy to finally find such an incredible little tea shop so close to our normal routes between places. This little gem has been hidden from us for over a year already, so we had to get stuck in immediately and try one of their many blends.

I picked up their Herbal Tea Night Infusion on my first visit, a blend of: rooibos, caraway seeds, aniseed, fennel, mint and sunflower petals. Promising to promote a relaxing mood before bed as well as offering stomach settling benefits, which are already a bonus when you eat as much as we do sometimes! Personally, rooibos is my preferred ‘normal’ tea, popular for it’s caffeine free, tannins low, flavourful rich red colour, so we’re already off to an excellent start with this Bebe-Té blend.

Naturally, the mint, fennel and aniseed are there for their stomach aiding qualities, a combination of herbs that have been used for centuries in many different cultures to treat symptoms of stomach ache and bad digestion and they work! I’m new to caraway seeds in tea, but love them in Indian cooking, so it’s cool to see them appear in this blend, known for their antioxidant benefits and tummy calming properties it’s a great add on.

The verdict? Perhaps one of the best loose tea infusions I’ve ever tried. We normally opt for a valerian and hops based sleepy tea which is super effective but doesn’t pack the same flavour punch as this blend. The strong flavours of caraway, aniseed, fennel and mint are perfect balanced with the super yummy rooibos base and the sunflower petals add a pop of colour to the mix. Whether you drink this cutie with or without honey, this is an awesome sleepy tea and really helped our digestion too, at €5.20 per 100g it may seem pricey at first, but when you only need a teaspoon per cup, it’s well worth it.

Where else is good for tea in Barcelona? We’ll definitely be popping to Bebe-Té on a regular basis now we know where it is! Want to read more Barcelona food reviews? We’ve got more!

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