#Spoonfed – 10 Musicians Who Love Avocados As Much As We Do

We go nutty for Avocados, we’ve featured them on posters, we’ll feature them on a T-shirt design and god dammit if we won’t find a way to keep going on about them in our Spoonfed editions too. Fortunately, we’re not the only ones who have an affectionate love affair with the lovable green things, here are 10 musicians and bands who love them just as much as us!

Also, we’re super nice so me made a playlist of all these peeps and some of our favourite songs (at times we avoided the obvious, mainly because I was sick to death of hearing Monkey Wrench and Seven Nation Army from my time spent DJ’ing alternative nights), we suggest hitting shuffle and strutting round the house in your underwear eating avocados, but that’s just our suggestion, you do whatever the hell you like.

Jack White
Much like our beloved avocado, The White Stripes are either revered or very much disliked, their one of the many Marmites that music and art have thrown our way. We’ve always been huge fans of his work and became even more excited when we found out he has a tad of a guacamole fetish, ok maybe fetish is a bit of an exaggeration, but he does love it so much that he’s got his own recipe and it’s part of his rider, completely understandable if you ask us! We’ll try making the recipe on a separate post and let you know how it turns out, but you can see it for yourself here!

Jason Mraz
I’ve never really considered myself a Mraz fan, in fact, I’ve never really spent much time thinking about him at all, it’s a name I know and music I recognise. It wasn’t until I found out about his avocado obsession that I realised I actually like most of his music, quite a lot, it kind of takes me back to my obsessive love for Jack Johnson and chilled beach vibes on acoustic guitar. I guess that, like me, Jason is fully aware of how avocados and acoustic guitar go hand in hand because he only went out and moved to an avocado farm! He’s also put up a recipe for some kind of chocolate avocado mousse or something, not too sure we’ll try that one yet, but you can if you like, here you go!

Pearl Jam
I love grunge rock almost as much as I love avocados, but the green things still win and the honest truth is I spent most of my youth on Nirvana, mainly because the name Pearl Jam had the word “Jam” in it and I thought that was uncool …. how much I have learnt over the course of the years. Fortunately for me, Pearl Jam went and put an avocado on the front cover of their eighth studio album, it was self-titled and the imagery so strong that the album is generally referred to as “Avocado” too. That definitely caught my attention, if they’re not obsessed then I don’t know who is and that’s exactly the kind of band I needed in my life. Let’s just hope they release an awesome recipe soon too.
P.S. After some further research, it seems the band only chose an avocado because they were bored, watching the Superbowl and eating guacamole .. that still deserves a bit of respect right?

Action Bronson
This pretty much doesn’t even need to be said, but, we’re going to anyway, OBVIOUSLY, rapper/chef/all round awesome rude dude Action Bronson loves avocado, there’s a bunch of recipes you should check out, but here’s one for guac that you just need to have. If you don’t watch his show “Fuck That’s Delicious” then you need to finish reading this blog post, maybe buy one of our T-shirts, then go and look him up, seriously!

Foo Fighters
Another grunge band that loves avocados, it must be something to do with the 90’s and maybe with growing long hair and not cleaning often enough for a few years? Regardless, these rock legends party so hard that according to this years Glastonbury rider they need a pack of avocados, otherwise they will just crash on stage from all the crazy partying they’re constantly up to, I mean, you’ve seen their new video right? Mental! I definitely need avocado in my life forever more if I’m going to keep up with their level of rock’n’rollness.

David Bowie
In song “Pablo Picasso”, David Bowie, the legend himself sang “The girls would turn the colour of a juicy avocado, When he would drive down their street in his El Dorado”.
We are still unsure if this lyric meant he loved avocados and they were constantly running through his mind,  or if after some research he discovered that Picasso himself had an undying love of avocados, maybe he’D even seen girls ACTUALLY turn the colour of a juicy avocado, or possibly, just possibly, he was just finding something to rhyme for the sake of it. Regardless, he kept the word in there and that’s good enough for us!

My Hellogoodbye phase didn’t last long, it mainly involved words like “rawr”, wearing clothes a few sizes too small and hair cuts I later regretted, however, the band did have some cool songs that got caught in your head and were awesome enough to also have an avocado on their debut EP, so that definitely gives them bonus points, it also included the instructions to “Mush slowly and guac” which once again made me love them all the more. Maybe we’ll have to see what they’re up to now and figure out if the creator of the band Forrest Kline still loves avocados as much as he did back then!

Bryan Adams
Not only does he write songs that have been stuck in my head since I was young enough to bop my head along, but avocados are also a regular on his shopping list according to an interview he did with The Guardian back in 2008, kind of makes sense seeing as he’s been a vegan nearly 30 years ago for health issues!

Billy Gibbons (ZZ-Top)
Not only have they always looked rock and roll as hell and produced some funky ass music but guitarist and lead vocalist Billy Gibbons also loves food, guacamole in particular, so much so that he’s another addition to our rock stars with guac recipes. Of course, we’ll be trying this one too and chucking the results up on the site, but let us know if you beat us to it, here it is!

And that is it from us folks, anyone we’ve missed out? Any avocado loonies who we should add to the list? Let them be known, comment below and subscribe to our mailing list if you can be arsed!

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