#Spoonfed – 6 Whiskey Listening Records

It’s the weekend and even Barcelona has decided to take a day off it seems, the clouds have rolled in and the comfort of my own home seem rather appropriate. However, as it’s a Saturday, I thought I would celebrate by having a glass of whiskey and listening to my 6 favourite whiskey drinking records. I’ve decided to drink Chivas Regal, mainly because it’s the only whiskey my Dad used to bang on about, partly because it came in a really cool box and probably because it was an awesome Birthday present. I hope you enjoy the playlist and I hope this let’s you discover some new and exciting music, just remember to grab a nice glass of whiskey, sit on a comfy chair and turn the volume up loud for the full experience.

Willy Mason – Where The Humans Eat
It’s not really a name I hear very often these days, but Willy Mason was everywhere a few years back (a few might be a tad of an understatement, I still lived at home and asked my parents for money to put petrol in my brand new/fourth hand car at the ripe age of 17). New York based musician with firm roots in Folk, his music feels like it belongs in the movie “Into the Wild” and his haunting melodies make a perfect accompaniment to a comfy chair, a rainy day and a glass of whiskey. Give him a listen and thank us later.
Stand-out song: 
Still A Fly

Bright Eyes – LIFTED or The Story Is In The Soil, Keep Your Ear To The Ground
This Indie-Rock band from Omaha have records to fit most settings, a few of them would sit pretty nicely with this glass of whiskey, however, this particular album delivers the most melancholy in my humble; and let’s face it rather worthless; opinion. It’s raw production and obvious Folk roots make it ideal listening material for this scenario, whilst it’s intricate and thoughtful lyrics make sipping all the more enjoyable. If you prefer some Country/Americana influenced music with your whiskey, their later albums and Conor Oberst’s solo project with “The Mystic Valley Band” might be more up your street, but after a taste of their songwritting, you might just keep coming back for more. 
Stand-out song: 
Method Acting

Red City Radio – Red City Radio
A raw, full and boomy voice, pure Rock and Roll vibes mixed in with all types of Rock influences and topped off with a healthy dose of Punk Rock. That’s how I like to describe Red City Radio. This Oklahoma based band love whiskey, the lead singer is often seen swigging a bottle of the good stuff on tour which might sound a tad on the, they’re going to sound shit, side of things, however, his vocals are incredible, their melodies incredibly hypnotizing and catchy, plus, when those layered old school solos start coming in (played by the lead singer himself on a V Neck guitar which ZZ-TOP themselves would be proud of), well at that precise moment life just makes sense, especially if you’re holding a glass of whiskey and fully enjoying the ride.
Stand-out song: Electricity

Beach Slang – Broken Thrills
Messy, drunk, catchy, rock and roll perfection. When I first heard this Philadelphia band, music felt refreshing again. I wanted to start as many bands as possible and tour the world in a hazy drunken wave of rock and roll. This album somehow manages to combine all the best bits of rock and roll, punk rock and grunge, it delivers it in a wild ride that will have you singing along happily and weeping nostalgically both at the same time. They have released a bunch of albums, all amazing, since this came out, in fact, this release was two EP’s combined into one, however, there’s something about the raw passion that pours out of these tracks, which makes them the perfect addition to a great glass of whiskey.
Stand-out song: Get Lost

Prawn – Kingfisher
I was lucky enough to put this New Jersey based Indie-Rock band on in the UK a couple of years ago, the embarrassing truth of it though was that at the time I had no idea who they were, I was friends with the band who they were on tour with and booked it assuming they would be good. I can’t even guess how many times I listened to this record over the course of the following few months. By the time the gig finally came round I knew every word and loved every melody. It’s incredibly melancholic whilst keeping a sense of positivity throughout, it’s very beautiful, I definitely recommend taking you’re time over this one, perfect with a glass of whiskey really.
Stand-out song: Old Souls

Laura Marling – Alas I Cannot Swim
I was obsessed, and I truly mean obsessed, with Laura Marling when this album came out. This UK based Folk musician has the most haunting voice I have ever heard, it flows magically and can create beautiful landscapes using, at times, the simplest of melodies. She’s gone on to record a shit load of other records and she’s worked with a hell of a lot of artists, but this record holds a special place in my heart and I love it dearly. The perfect way to enjoy a glass of whiskey on a rainy day.
Stand-out song: Old Stone

Words & playlist by Misael Trujillo

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