#Spoonfed – A Soundtrack To Cooking Your Stew

Making a Stew can become a bit of a spiritual journey in my home. I take hours letting the flavours develop into a masterpiece that I can be truly proud of, something that will make others smile and give me a sense of comfort. It generally also means I have to be at home for quite a few hours so that I can make sure the taste is consistent to my incredibly high standards, I try and catch up on cleaning and any other bits of work that have been overlooked in the daily bustle. However, all of this needs the perfect soundtrack, something that builds and evolves just like the wonderful stew I am cooking and so, without further rambling, here are the five records I recommend you listen to next time you cook a stew, who knows they might inspire you to create a masterpiece! We’ve even made your a Spotify Playlist to make things even easier, so there’s no excuse not to listen!

1. This Will Destroy You – Young Mountain
I generally start cooking my stew nice and early, I want some music that will wake me up gradually, but also, put me in a positive mood that I can infuse into my stew, no point in starting of rushed and fucking something up early on now is there?

TWDY, as they are commonly known, are an Experimental Rock band from Texas and, before you stop reading, don’t let the name put you off, I swear it’s not Death Metal! They create the most beautifully atmospheric instrumental pieces that will create the perfect start to your culinary adventure.

I completely suggest listening to every single album they have released, I’m sure each one will comfortably find a place in your lives soundtrack, however, for this specific purpose I recommend starting at, well, the start. Young Mountain is their first EP (although it’s length is more like that of an album) and it was self-recorded and self-produced, what better analogy for the meal you will be cooking?

2. TWIABP&IANLATD – Harmlessness
(The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die)  Just in case anyone can ever actually remember that, or gives a shit!

Around the time when I’m adding my stock and raising the temperature on my stew a tad, I like to change my record over too, I want the music the replicate my cooking and also motivate me to do some fucking housework, so something a BIT more upbeat works perfectly, but it still needs to replicate the warmth this stew will, hopefully, deliver.

I know, TWIABP&IANLATD, is a mouthful, it can seem daunting, but we are cooking a stew after all and nothing good comes easy, so don’t be put off quite yet! This Indie Rock band from Connecticut deliver heartwarming songs with a shit load of atmosphere. There’s also seven of them, maybe more on stage sometimes, I’m not really sure, but I do know that it takes a hell of a load of work to be as tight as they are, now I’m just hoping my stew fuses as well as this.

This album is the perfect continuation from the previous one I recommended, mainly because it builds things up beautifully, whilst keeping the perfect warmth and atmosphere needed to cook this stew!

3.  WHY? – Aloepicia
Cooking a stew takes a long time, at least if you want it to taste as good as humanly possible, so I think it’s time we mix things up a bit. I want to keep the atmosphere and overall feel, as that will make my stew all the more enjoyable, however, I also want something that will distract me from the fact that I won’t be eating this thing for another couple of hours at least.

WHY? are an Alternative Hip-Hop band from California. If that doesn’t catch your attention straight away, then their dark, witty and thought provoking lyrics certainly will.

There’s something about their second album Alopecia that lends itself perfectly to cooking this stew, mainly to do with its pace and the huge amount of atmosphere it brings to the table. But the real blessing with the album is the lyrics, you’re 2/3 hours into cooking a stew and cleaning the house, you need some entertaining, you don’t want to loose any of the atmosphere? Then this album was made for you!

4. Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever Ago
I want to get 100% on Stew mode, something that will make me want Stew so much, that it might possibly, magically, make the Stew I’m cooking actually taste better. Or at least make my stomach grumble so much that by the time this stew actually comes, it tastes like the best thing ever.

Bon Iver might seem like an obvious choice, but if for some reason you’ve been living in a log cabin, away from civilisation eating stew, then you will definitely want to give yourself a musical update and check them out immediately, ideally whilst cooking a Stew. An Indie-Folk band from Wisconsin who will deliver so much emotion and atmosphere that you might actually grow a beard, don a lumberjack shirt and shed a single tear.

Everything they recorded is amazing, so their not really much I need to say about this record in particular, other than the fact that I fell in love with it immediately and it leaves my feeling warm and fuzzy inside every single time I listen to it, a bit like how Stew makes me feel!

5. Pinegrove – Cardinal
I am desperate to taste this fucking Stew now, there’s not long left, another hour at most, I choose Pinegrove!

This Indie-Rock/Alt-Country band from New Jersey bring all the feels! If you’re not gagging for a log fire and a warm bowl of Stew after checking out this record then I’ll eat my own smarties.

Their album Cardinal is absolute perfection, it plays with your emotions and leaves you feeling hopeful. Seriously though, I’m not even going to say much more, just go listen to it, then eat your stew, then tell us you love it. And if you don’t, tell us why not? Please? Pretty Please?

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