#Spoonfed Gift Guide – 9 Avocado Themed Accessories & Food Gifts

So, it’s no secret that we’re a fan of the green things in life. Green is a good colour and avocados are in vogue when it comes to vegetables, yes, really, we’re in a society in which fruit and veg can become fashionable or “on trend” what a world we live in. Anyway, regardless of the recent avocado controversy, there is no debating that the simple shapes and fresh colours of these chunky pear shaped things are ultimately stylish. So, with this in mind, naturally we have created a gift guide for you inspired by the awesome avocado. Bet you weren’t expecting to read that today.

Onwards! We have 9 avocado themed accessories and gifts which we thought were brilliant. What’s even better is that these are from small brands, so by picking up any of these green treats you’ll be helping out a clever creative somewhere in the world, double awesome.

Left to Right: Avocado Socks by Socksmith £12.99, Avocado and Hearts Handmade Biscuits by Honeywell Bakes £20, Avocado Halves Acrylic Necklace by Sugar & Vice £14, Vegan Wet Dreams Mug by Chiaralascurashop £11.12, Guac Embroidery Hoop by Apparently Ashley £17.50, Avocado Crochet Cushion by C2ShiningC £23.86, Holy Guacamole Dip Dish by Lenny Mud £23.86, Nudes with Food Handmade Fridge Magnets by Liv and Dom £12.99, Avocado and Toast Fabric Patched by Hello Sunshine £10

Hope you enjoyed our strange little avocado-y edit. We’ve popped some other genius pieces on our Etsy Wishlist should you want to check out some more. You’ll also find out t-shirts online at Etsy too now, woo! Handy if you have a gift voucher or discount code to use!

Food Scouts.

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