#Spoonfed – Lazy guide to your Food & Drink YouTube viewing pleasure.

We know you LIKE being inspired, but who has the time to find inspiration these days right? We’re the overworked, underpaid, over partied & under slept generation. Most of the time we’re too hungover to flick the channel, let alone search the depths of YouTube for something to inspire us to get off our lazy asses and cook. Good thing we can be arsed to do the hard work for you. Here’s a guide of what you should actually bother watching on YouTube this week, we kept it food and drink related, we avoided getting distracted by cute animals and insane parkour, we got pretty hungry whilst watching all of this so you all owe some food fools!

Here’s our top ten list for the shit uploaded in the past seven days or so, everything else is shit (or we run out of time/couldn’t be arsed to research anything else) if you think we got it wrong, well FUCK YOU. Just kidding, let us know and we’ll check it out and maybe even include it next time, but obviously we couldn’t include everything, we’re only little!

Binging with Babish: Courtesan au Chocolat from Grand Budapest Hotel

We love, love, love Wes Anderson, we obviously love Grand Budapest Hotel and we absolutely adore the marvellous Binging with Babish. So we quite rightly got excited when this magnificent video popped online. If you haven’t checked out his videos and wonderful voice, then this might just get you hooked.

Munchies: How-To Make Action Bronson’s Chicken Parm

We’re always excited to see something new pop into Munchies, their attitude towards food, in general, is incredibly refreshing and brings cooking back into the hands of the youth, keeping them interested in something that could have seemed boring before. Action Bronson is always our favourite to watch, his food is inspired, his show is fun to watch and he gets high as fuuuuuck, thank us afterwards.

Hot Ones: Adam Richman Fanboys Out Whilst Eating Spicy Wings

What isn’t amazing about watching people who you admire get interviewed whilst burning their mouths off with spicy chicken wings?
Plus their latest video features Man vs. Food’s own Adam Richman, we were obviously on this like a cool glass of milk after hot, hot, HOT wings!

Tipsy Bartender: Mini Root Beer Float Shots

This is a go to for all you cocktail making needs, I mean, they seriously have everything and half of it sounds gross to me, I’m normally a craft beer person through and through, but on the odd occasion I do like to indulge in a bright, cute and colourful beverage that I will generally be sick of a third into drinking. A shot sized cocktail seemed more my thing, especially when it includes root beer, yum.

Peaceful Cuisine – Sakura Anpan (Vegan)

Ryoya Takashima’s videos are addictive and incredibly soothing to watch. They are like a lullaby that makes you hungry, they are the equivalent of someone rubbing your tummy whilst singing you “Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty”. If you are vegan, this might be your new found love, if you are not, well we still love every second of it and it makes our tummies rumble like nothing else, so you probably want to give it a watch regardless.

Dining on a dime – Turkish Cuisine is More Than Just Döner Kebabs

I seriously love this show, it makes me want to travel and try everything, it makes me itch for delicious yet cheap goodies. You learn an awful lot about cuisine from lots of different cultures along the way. This is a good’un!

SeriousEats – How to Make Homemade Oreo-Style Cookies

Want short how to videos that cut out the bullshit? Couldn’t give less of a shit about the annoying YouTuber in front of the camera?
This channel might just be for you, you glum person you.

Eat The Trend – Unicorn Magic Shell

Love colourful, cute, yummy treats? This might just be your cup of glitter then! Just look at how fucking mesmerising and colourful this is!

Life Where I’m From – A 7-Eleven Dinner in Japan

We love finding out about food and drink from around the world! It’s all kinds of exciting and it inspires you to cook things you would have never thought of before. This channel is great in general, but this episode in particular caught our eyes and we thought you might enjoy it too!

Nikki McWilliams – How to Make Burger Shortbreads

Burgers and biscuits? Hell, fucking, yes! This is a super cute, super awesome video and we love it. Just in time for Burger Day! What did you think?

Well, I hope you enjoyed us doing the hard work for you. I hope it brought joy to your life and made everything that little bit easier for you, I’m sure you will have complaints about things we have missed, feel free to email them over to: iseriouslycouldntcareless@seriously.com (just kidding, we love hearing from all off you, we’re just acting up in case there’s any cool kids watching, you know how it is right?)

Misael Trujillo – Food Scouts

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