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6 Records to Listen to When Drinking Whiskey including Beach Slang, Bright Eyes, Willy Nelson and More

#Spoonfed – 6 Whiskey Listening Records

It’s the weekend and even Barcelona has decided to take a day off it seems, the clouds have rolled in and the comfort of my own home seem rather appropriate. However, as it’s a Saturday, I thought I would celebrate by having a glass of whiskey and listening to my 6¬†favourite whiskey drinking records. I’ve […]

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What To Listen To When You're Cooking a Stew. A Food Scouts Playlist featuring Pinegrove, WHY, Bon Iver and More.

#Spoonfed – A Soundtrack To Cooking Your Stew

Making a Stew can become a bit of a spiritual journey in my home. I take hours letting the flavours develop into a masterpiece that I can be truly proud of, something that will make others smile and give me a sense of comfort. It generally also means I have to be at home for […]

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