The Ultimate Food Scouts Guide To Barcelona: 24th July – 30th July 2017

Time for another Food Scout’s Guide to Barcelona, our rundown of the most interesting, weirdest or just down right geeky events and happenings in this wonderful Spanish city this week. It seems that craft beer is heavily on the cards this week, more so that normal! If you think we’ve missed something awesome or have any questions or suggestions feel free to drop us a comment or shout at us on social media, the power is in your hands. If you don’t like what we’ve done, oh well, go read somewhere more obvious.


Game of Thrones is back! If you don’t fancy watching episode two alone, never fear, you can pop to Shenanigans Irish Pub (11 Carrer Marqués de Barberá) from 10pm today for €1 beers (if you’re quick enough, Irish style meat pies and the usual stout and pints offering that you’d expect from an Irish pub. We haven’t been here ourselves, but we imagine if you’re looking to meet fellow fans of swords and dragon, it might be worth a visit. Beats eating jelly and ice cream in your underwear in bed, oh wait, maybe not.


One of the highlights of Spanish culture are the abuelas (grandmothers) they’ve gone through a lot of shit over the years and really know their stuff when it comes to tradition, so we love the sound of Grandma’s Cooking Class if you want to learn some Spanish and Catalan traditional dishes. These guys organise regular classes, but there’s one on today. At €85 per class, it’s not in everyone’s budget, but we love the concept and their branding!


CocoVail (284 Carrer Aragó)  promise us the “coolest craft beer party” today, on a Wednesday. In collaboration with Cerveza del Montseny the event kicks off from 8pm with raffles, DJs, special offers on beer and merchandise and with a portion of the profits going towards helping the brewery crowdfund their next project. Well worth a visit and CocoVail is an awesome place to head to if you have a bigger group of friends with you.



It’s no secret that we flipping LOVE Japanese food, so here’s a super relevant event which will be particularly special for any vegans in the house, plus, it’s got a fun name, Easy Peasy Japanesy. For a very reasonable price of €25 you an enjoy learning and eating five different vegan Japanese dishes.

What if you want to mix some Craft Film with your Craft Beer tonight? Well, the clever peeps behind Barcelona’s first Craft Film Festival are hosting an artisan film event tonight for only €3, you’ll get to catch the DIY, indie flick “Rage” whilst enjoying a champagne of craft beer from Nomada Brewing Company at what sounds a very special venue too. Sounds pretty sweet to us. You can find out more about these peeps and their event on their Facebook page.


It’s FRIDAY! Time for some dancing! Now if you’d rather steer away from the electronic music that is so popular in Barcelona, you might dig a night of reggae, ska and rocksteady in a beer factory in Sants. Sounds awesome, right? Head to Skanking La Gorda from 7pm, try beer from La Gorda Beer Factory (29 Carrer Riego) and a guest brew from Germany, CocoGirl.

And it wouldn’t be a normal week in Barcelona without some kind of craft beer antics at Olgod, tonight they have a tap takeover and meet the brewers from locals, Fort Beer. Awesome.


On a budget but still want banging food and craft beer? This one is for you, for the first 50 guests at lunchtime and dinner for the new menu at Mikkeller (202 Carrer de Valencia) you’ll get a free beer! Hooray! What’s better than a free beer? A free beer that’s from this quirky Danish brand with totally rad branding. Lunch starts at 1pm and dinner at 7pm, so if you’re after those freebies, be quick!

Feeling fancy? Love gin and boats? Yea, you do! Well, believe it or not today you can embark on a Artisan Gin Cruise from nearby Stiges (basically the Spanish version of Brighton), this is a two hour cruise with gin and food pairings and the company can also organise bespoke events for groups of five or more. Ticket price is a mystery, which might not be a good thing.


What a better way to spend your Sunday than learning how to make your own craft beer?! This is a very cool opportunity with the price tag of €140, however, considering this is a full days event and includes food, sounds like you’re going to get your money’s worth. The course also includes some booze to take home. Very cool. This is happening at the imaginatively named Cerveza Artesana in Poblesec, near the very awesome craft beer bar Abirradero. Worth also noting that, Cerveza Artesana are also a supplier of all the things you need to get starting with homebrewing, so even if you can’t make this event they are one to keep an eye on.

Did we miss something? Let us know, or don’t, whatever.

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